Summer is on it’s way. In Sydney the temperatures are on the rise so keeping your house cool and comfortable is a priority. Imagine coming home to the perfect temperature, wine chilled and your favourite music playing? With our custom design and installed smart home systems, it’s no longer a fantasy. We can design a smart home temperature system which can be programmed to adjust your blinds, ventilation and air-conditioning to respond to the changing weather conditions. We can create a “welcome home scene” for you which prepares a series of events: like turning off your alarm, turning on the lights, opening your garage door, raising or lowering your blinds, playing your favourite music as well as cooling your home to the perfect temperature which you can activate via your smart phone on your drive home.

Rather than a single thermostat your smart home cooling system can be designed with an automated system of vents and sensors that allows temperature control of individual rooms through an app. Smart vents, rather than traditional vents are installed into your home, with a sensor in each room. We create a control system and input your desired temperatures for each room. The sensors constantly monitor each room’s temperature, and relay that information to the control system, which tells the vents how much to open or close. Not only is your home the perfect temperature, but you will save on energy consumption and expenditure. The other benefit of a smart system is that you can check the status of your system remotely, so if one of the kids has left the air-conditioner on, you can turn it off from wherever you are.

Summer also means that your garden needs more watering, and your pool will be in greater demand. We can integrate a pool, spa and watering systems into the design of your smart home system and program optimum times that suit your needs and the changes in weather. You can literally set and forget it – without having to worry about manually turning off a sprinkler system or remember to top up the pool. The possibilities of what we can create for you this summer are endless. Contact our office to discuss how we can create a cool and clever smart home system for you.