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Home Automation

Home automation is a reality that is transforming the way we live and interact with our homes today. This is the ‘internet of things’ you may have read about, where all your devices are connected and controllable – and you don’t even need to be in your home to do any of this.

Lighting Control

A smart lighting control system designed and installed by Instinct could take care of anything from switching off lights when you leave a room to integrating with your home security system, so you stay safe and save money at the same time. But best of all it looks amazing!

Networking internet of things

The team of technicians at Instinct work with you to create a home network that is as simple or as sophisticated as you desire. Home networking truly is the next level of maximising the benefits of technology

Security & Access Control

Any security system worth its salt nowadays will integrate with other systems in your house. Smoke alarms go off and all your doors unlock. A sensor is triggered and your security camera begins recording. Motion is detected and the lights come on.

Audio Visual

Imagine the highest quality sound pumping throughout your house. Imagine entertaining your guests in the garden with speakers they can’t see, with pure quality sound creating the perfect atmosphere. Now picture yourself creating all of this with just one tap of your mobile device.