It is more than simple vanity: the number of home robberies has been steadily rising in Sydney, and security systems in the Northern Beaches are becoming more popular. The comparative wealth of the area, combined with quick access to transport on the M4 nearby, offers criminals a tempting target to rob us blind.

A good security system makes use of two elements. First, the knowledge that the home is protected by a quality security apparatus serves as a strong deterrent to any casual criminal. Knowing that their presence is being recorded and stored remotely, your average thief is considerably less likely to take a closer look at your residence, or the possessions within it.

Secondly, a quality security system will not only record images of your particular criminals, but can also alert the authorities of their presence. If, for example, you’re out of town, you might be unable to discover any damage for days afterwards. Your possessions will have a long while to disappear post-robbery. A quality system alerts the authorities of unauthorised entry, without your involvement.

At Instinct Electrical, we install some of the finest, most comprehensive security systems on the Northern Beaches. Our security systems are either incorporated in to a holistic home automation plan, or are themselves standalone systems set up by our knowledgeable team of electricians. Regardless of where it fits, Instinct Electrical can ensure that your home is safe and sound, the whole year round. Contact us today to get started.