With the huge public interest in programs like The Block and the current DIY phenomenon, it can be tempting to think that every part of your home renovation experience can and should be done by you. Christmas is coming and it’s the perfect time to wow your friends and family with all the cool latest home automation gadgets. Unfortunately, with home automation, DIY may not be the most efficient or even the most economical way to proceed to create the sophisticated results you want.

While we all have a smartphone these days and you can easily download the apps necessary to adjust temperature and lighting, check your security cameras or unlock your front door, that’s just a fraction of what a professionally designed home automation system can do. Unfortunately many of the calls to our office are about home automation systems which have been poorly designed and installed, sometimes by DIY-ers or electricians without the specialist design and installation experience. We hear stories about systems where the security alarms go off constantly, the internet doesn’t work properly and lights don’t turn when desired.

The truth is that off-the-shelf systems that you might instal yourself or get your regular electrical to instal are fairly basic and limited in their capacity. Generally you will need to open separate apps to control each device, for example, one for lights, one for the thermostat and one for the front door. Each of these apps operates independently without any communication with your other home automation systems. Soon the system that is supposed to make life easy, starts to make life a bit more complicated.

A truly smart home automation system that is professionally designed and custom made for you, allows you to view and control all your devices from the same app on your smartphone. All your electronic systems, from heating, ventilation, air-conditioning, security, lighting, audio-video, blinds, shutters, even turning your taps on or off are linked together and controlled by a central processes in a custom installed home automation system. This is a truly connected home which allows you to see and control all your systems from your smart-phone.

A custom designed system also has the advantage of multiple modes of control, including voice activation, wall mounted keypads or handheld remote controls, as well as your smart phone. Unlike DIY systems, in a custom system, you can create specific “moods” or “scenes” like “Coming Home” which trigger a series of technology events to prepare your home for your return. The possibilities are endless, if you have a dream, we can help you create it.

So if you have home technology dreams, don’t rush into a DIY system. Take the time to meet wth a home technology professional who can help you create a comprehensive system that is easy to use and will save you money and energy for the long term. To discover what is possible for your home renovation or new build, contact our Instinct office now.