Instinct finished 2015 on a high – receiving the 2015 Sound+Image Award for Home Cinema Installation of the Year. This home theatre, on Sydney’s North Shore, is something rather special and the team at Instinct were thrilled to be recognized as leaders in home cinema installation. The cinema was part of a much larger project which involved the demolition and subsequent rebuild of a bespoke architecturally designed home. Instinct provided the design, all the way to the final finishing touches on all aspects of the lighting, home automation, audio-visual equipment, security, finger scanners and CCTV.

Being acknowledged for excellence is wonderful, but the biggest thrill for us came from seeing the home cinema of our client’s dreams, based on his favourite films The Matrix and Cube, come to life. At Instinct, we see our role as supporting our clients to create the homes and lifestyles of their dreams. In order to bring this innovative home cinema to life, we contacted the award winning Wavetrain Cinemas to oversee the design of the cinema which created spectacular aesthetics, functionality and acoustic performance. The final result was the quality you would expect in a commercial cinema.

Ruber Bar 2Once the design was created, we were then able to work both with our client and Wavetain to choose the best systems for the required outcomes. For this project, we chose a Control4 system running C-Bus lighting, Ness security, video distribution, and Sonos for multi-room audio. We supplied and installed Cary Audio amplification and Triad speakers to achieve industry quality sound pressure levels. We used a combination of four subwoofers to balance the room’s standing waves and deliver an even bass response across the cinema. Other features included AppleTV, Plex media serving and a new product for us, suggested by the client, Dune HD Base 3D Media Player capable of full-HD 3D playback to deliver a clean interface.

Our client now has the ease of using the Control4 app on his phone to choose from a selection of lighting scenes before he even opens the door to his home cinema. He loves seeing the awe and delight of his guests when they enter the cinema for the first time to see Matrix-esque digital rain, broken only to reveal an image with silhouettes of his family, projected in the centre of the cinema. While enjoying a drink in the cinema bar area, visitors are often surprised to find that the LED lighting changing colour, cycling through a palette of nine different shades every five minutes in a homage to the Canadian sci-fi series Cube. All features from lighting to sound to security are controlled from our client’s smartphone, which makes this sophisticated system easy to manage and from anywhere.

Ruber Bar 4Instinct begins every project with the client’s desired result in mind and then chooses the products and systems that will deliver, rather than trying to push a specific product. Not being compelled to use a certain product, gives us a lot of freedom and scope in what we can offer. We find that this allows us to create simple, elegant lighting, home automation and audio-visual solutions to achieve the lifestyle and atmosphere that the client wants.

We pride ourselves on delivering quality lighting, audio-visual and home automation solutions to some of the most beautiful and spectacular homes in Sydney. If you have a big audio-visual dream that you would love to bring to life in your new or existing home, then contact our team at Instinct and let us bring your dreams to life.