We are still on a high at our office this week after winning Best Service Business in last week’s Northern Beaches Local Business Awards. We were also thrilled for our Director Kirt Duryea who took out the award for Best Business Person. Kirt was his usual modest self in his acceptance speech acknowledging the team, and in particular his fiancé and our fabulous business development specialist, the gorgeous Sarah-Jayne. As we are normally out on site by 7am, to be up past midnight is a big deal, but it was an exciting night for the team, as you can see from the photo above, so we made the most of it.

KIRT BUSINESS AWARDSAs a smart home automation business, many people think that our great results are all about our technical ability and knowledge. That is certainly important, but we believe what sets us apart is exactly what we won the award for. Service. With our back office team, we are able to provide our clients with reliable, responsive and clear communication. Our three full time knowledgable office staff ensure our focus is on prompt responses and deployment of knowledgeable service technicians.

For the past two years at Instinct we have focussed on creating a culture of teamwork and excellence amongst our staff. All the way from recruiting for attitude as well as ability, to rewarding and recognising excellence means that we have created a team of motivated and talented smart home technicians. A positive and solutions orientated team is infectious…and we consistently hear from clients how much they love our team!

We are committed to developing young people into electricians who are leaders amongst their peers, and over the past 15 years we are proud to say we have provided apprenticeships for over 20 local young people in the Northern Beaches. Due to the rapidly changing nature of technology, it is always at the forefront of our mind to ensure we receive the latest training on the most innovative of smart home products, and we maintain a training matrix that shows the breadth of our knowledge in electrical, smart home automation and audio visual. We see flexibility as a key strength of our business, which means that as a business we can move with rapid changes in the market, providing reliable employment for staff, with a focus on family.

We feel that using our skills to help others is really important, and that our team photo 2team can really make a difference to those in need of help. Working in a very male dominated profession, our team feels very strongly that we should act as role models to other men on how they should be treating women, and therefore it was natural to pick a local community organisation that supports women who are the victim of domestic violence as the focus of our voluntary work. We are currently in discussions with a local women’s refuge about how we can best use our skills to help maintain the electrical work on the property.

Our vision is for Instinct to be the leading provider of electrical, home automation and audio-visual in Sydney, breaking new ground in providing clients with the most innovative and proactive service. With the Internet of Things becoming one of the most valuable services within a home, we will provide remote maintenance therefore reducing service costs for customers and faster response times. This is a period of time where it is critical that our industry focuses on the intelligent use of all the knowledge of technology gathered to date; and Instinct is ready to leverage this intelligence to bring the benefits to the consumer for making life better.

We are passionate about breaking the mould of the typical “tradie”, and avoiding the danger of over complicating solutions and systems as technology advances.  However, we are also focussed on creating a place of work where people actually flourish, where their skills are respected, their work life balance is honoured. We want to support young people to gain a career that they are passionate about, and to ensure that the benefits of technology are used to make life better.

We would like to thank all of our clients and the other businesses that we work with for voting for us. We appreciate your support and look forward to keeping up the good work! If you have a smart home automation, lighting, or audio-visual project and would like to talk it over with us, then contact our office to find out how we can help you.