At Instinct we believe that your home really is your sanctuary, a place where you can relax away from the stresses of the world. When it comes to rainy days during the school holidays however, it can feel anything but a refuge for you. To keep you sane and the kids amused at home these holidays we have come up with 5 fun ways to make the most of the technology you already have.

1.Host a dance party.

Make the most of those amazing audio-visual and lighting effects by hosting your own dance party! Invite around some of your children’s friends (girls in particular love this one), cue up some of their favourite music tracks, create the mood with lighting and let them dance an afternoon away. All you’ll have to do is provide drinks and snacks!

2. Build a fortress

Who doesn’t want to be the king of the castle or the princess in the tower? Pick a room in your home that can be transformed into an indoor fortress, using sheets or blankets pegged across chairs and tables. Let your children come up with the design and layout of room within the fortress themselves, maybe acting out Frozen or another favourite story. Meanwhile you can play with the “weather” around the fortress from your smart home control pad, creating “night”, “winter” and “storms” with your lighting, temperature and music settings. They can even have a picnic lunch in the fortress – this activity will keep your children engaged for hours.

3. Have a karaoke competition

Make the most of your games console, home cinema screen and your surround sound by holding a karaoke competition. SingStar or similar games make it easy to hold karaoke at home. Encourage the kids to dress up as their favourite pop artist and sing along, this is a great one for playdates and involving as many people as possible. Great for you to sing along too and maybe one to invite grandparents or neighbours over for. Primary school kids love seeing adults embarrass themselves and joining in the fun.

4. Re-live Happy Family Memories

There’s nothing better than reminiscing over the happy moments that families have shared. With digital technology the slides nights of old have become transformed to big screen, cinematic experiences. Load up old photos and videos of holidays taken, wedding and baby footage, old school and dance concerts and project them onto the big screen. Kids never lose their fascination with their younger selves and the ability to recall and re-experience happy memories is associated with happiness. Great for both the adults and the kids in the family.

5. Create and watch your own TV shows

This one is great for playdates. Encourage your children to come with simple TV shows or act out their favourite ones. Have one person film it on a camera or smart phone, have a set designer, dress up in costumes, and use your smart home control for lighting and sound effects. Then make up some popcorn and sit down to watch the results in your custom built home cinema. This activity can fill up hours of time and is even something you can do over a week to build the interest and engagement. The process is as much fun as the finished product.

At Instinct we have home automation and home cinema technology that will enhance your home and your family life. We can find a way to make your dreams come true through our design and installation of the latest in home automation, audio-visual and lighting technology. Contact us at Instinct if you are ready to design your new dream build or to integrate smart home technology into your existing home.