Gone are the days when your home security system consisted of just an alarm.

The trend today is toward integrating security with a whole home automation system. These give you unprecedented capability and control over a wide range of devices and features in your home.

Advances in technology have also seen a shift to wireless devices that can be controlled from anywhere via your smartphone or mobile device. Not only can you arm or disarm your alarm but you can login and see what your CCTV cameras have recorded, as well as perform other tasks such as controlling your home’s temperature, lighting, home theatre system and much more.

Let’s take a look in more detail at what features you can expect from your home security system.

Typical components and features of a home security system

So what does a state-of-the-art home security system look like? Expect your system to have the following features:

Control panel
This is the ‘brains’ of your home automation system and gives you control of as many functions as you have installed. It is typically a touchscreen that is capable of managing both hardwired and wireless elements of your system. You can also control your system via a ‘virtual keypad’ from any mobile phone or PC. Expect functionality to include intelligent integration of:

  • Security
  • Automation
  • Lighting
  • HVAC
  • Access control
  • Telephone

Alarm with back-to-base monitoring
A home alarm is not only a deterrent for intruders, it can alert you if your home security is breached. It can be triggered by motion detectors or door/window sensors placed at strategic locations throughout your home. For ultimate peace of mind you can also have your home monitored by a security service. If your alarm is triggered they will be notified instantly. You can specify how they respond depending on the nature of the intrusion.

Full access control with keyless entry
Have full control of who accesses your property with wireless digital technology. You can also say goodbye to your keys with the convenience of wireless keyless entry. This allows you to arming/disarm your system, enable panic functions and gives you control of wireless motion detectors. You can also choose to have the option of biometric finger scanners for door entry.




CCTV and smart cameras
CCTV and ‘smart’ cameras are a powerful visual deterrent to potential intruders. With these installed at strategic locations throughout your home, you have the ability to see what is happening 24/7, with all the footage recorded and stored safely in the cloud. This can also be used to identify or verify the identity of an intruder. Need to keep an eye on the kids in your pool? With high-resolution cameras you can constantly monitor the pool area to ensure they are safe. And rather than just having outdoor lighting, motion sensitive units allow these to complement the coverage of your cameras after dark.

SMS reporting and control
Your home security system can be set to text and/or email you when an alarm is triggered. This can be sent directly to your mobile phone, tablet or PC with precise details of what breach has occurred. You can then react accordingly.




Planning your home security system

The first step is to decide what sort of functionality you want from your home security system.

Questions to ask yourself include:

  • Do I need a stand-alone system or one that integrates with your home automation setup?
  • What features do I want and need?
  • How much do I want to spend?

If you are building a new home it makes sense to get it integrated during the construction phase.

If you are retro-fitting into an existing home we can talk you through your options and what is possible.

Security systems for commercial premises

If you are looking for a security system for a commercial premises we can help design a total building integration that could include multiple user codes, multiple area operation, multiple arming levels, lift control, carpark management and security access control for up to 10,000+ access control doors, 50,000+ users, 32 areas and 1000+ inputs.

Home security and your insurance premiums

Having a security system installed may also help to reduce your home insurance premiums. With an intelligent, automated home security system installed your home is less of a security risk and you are less likely to make a claim.

Home security installers on the Northern Beaches

As we have seen a home security system is just one element of an integrated home automation system, and they are complex to install.

Our staff are all qualified, experienced electricians and licensed security installers who know how to customise your system and bring all the elements of your project together. When the install is done they will also teach you how to use it. And if we install your security system we can also offer superior after sales support and service because we know how everything is put together.

We have brought the latest home security and automation technology to some of the Northern Beaches most beautiful homes and commercial properties.

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