Q and A with Our Director Kirt Duryea

Kirt Duryea

1.When do I contact you during the building of my new home?

As technology specialists, we love to get involved by our clients right from the beginning when they are building a new home. While we do get called in to save the day technology wise once the project is underway, our preference is to be part of your project team from Day 1 – with your builder and architect, as well as any of your preferred tradesmen. It’s really important for us to be involved at the early stages and be there to advise you, your architect and builder on all the technical aspects of home automation, electrical, audio-visual and lighting.

2. What happens at our first meeting with Instinct?
We like to talk to our clients and get to know what sort of person you are and what sort of lifestyle you have. What features are most important to you? How do you want to control the features in your home? Is ease of use important? Simple is always best when it comes to controlling the smart features of your home.

3. What products do you recommend?
We look at the various products that can deliver the outcomes and features you want. There are various options to suit your budget. We don’t just sell a particular product, we select products that will deliver the results that you want. Decisions can be driven by the functionality of the product or by the aesthetics. Ideally we guide you to products that satisfies both the functional requirement as well as the aesthetic desired.

4. What if I don’t know where to start or what I want?
Sometimes it can be an education process for you as well as the other members of the project team. While there are no limits, other than your budget, on what you can do with technology, we will ask why you want a particular feature? Do you really need it or can we achieve the result in another less costly way? Best value for your budget and desired outcomes are always a guiding factor in our advice and decision making at Instinct. Along the way as you become more educated about technology options, you will have the capacity to make better, more informed decisions about upgrades for certain products.

5. What final result can I expect?
Our goal is to deliver a simple solution that works and does what it was designed to do. We want you to be happy with your technology and find it easy to use. Once our work is complete and we have done our job properly, you will only need to see us for system upgrades that need to occur periodically to keep your systems functioning in an optimal way.

6. What are the important factors to consider when choosing a home technology specialist?

  • Look at the structure of the company. In order to have a response straight away when you need it, you may need more than a sole operator. Look for a team of professionals with depth and range of technical expertise whom you can speak to straight away if there is an issue.
  • Do they have access to the industry renowned products, or do they only sell or support a limited range of products? Broad knowledge and access to many products is preferable.
  • Have they got professional accreditation? Check their background to see if they have industry recognised training and professional accreditation. This protects you as a consumer.
  • Ask to speak to their previous customers. A professional technology specialist will be happy to provide references of previous clients, so you can find out what they were like to work with and the quality of the service and products that they delivered.
  • Be wary of apps that do home automation. Products that you buy from retail electrical stores are not integrated and cannot do multiple tasks. Truly smart homes are ones in which you push one button and simplify your life.

To find out more about how Kirt and our team at Instinct can guide you through creating a truly smart home, contact us now.