At the recent Apple Event, Tim Cook announced that iOS 10 (available from September 13) will feature the Apple Home app. The Home app manages compatible devices, within Apple’s smart home system, and is built on the Apple HomeKit framework released back in 2014. The Home app is designed to overcome some of the issues with fragmentation within the Apple smart home system, an issue common to DIY smart home systems.

Watch the announcement here.

Many of the devices that the Home App will integrate are plug and play devices, with which you will use your iPhone to scan a product code into the Home app, and the device will be instantly connected and managed through the app on your iPhone, iPad, or Apple Watch. When out of the house, you can send commands using the app, which will be translated into action via your Apple TV or iPad. The devices must be compatible with HomeKit. Currently, the selection of HomeKit-compatible devices is limited, but Apple announced that more than 100 devices will be compatible by the end of the year.

Apple is following in the footsteps of Amazon’s Alexa by using voice as the platform to controlling smart home technology systems. Users are able to control individual devices using Siri, but also create “scenes” that program individual devices to adjust to different settings at different times of the day, such as turning the lights on when you advise Siri you have arrived home. It’s wonderful to see Apple embracing smart home technology, especially in its attempt to make it simple for homeowners to use. We have been using iPhones and iPads as user controls for a while, so its great to Apple developing this technology even further.

smartphone-593348_640One of the biggest issues we deal with is smart home systems that haven’t been planned with the user in mind. At Instinct, all our smart home solutions start with you; your needs, your desires, your lifestyle, your aesthetic and your budget. While Apple is limited at this stage in what it can offer, there are no limits for us at Instinct in what we can create for you, other than your budget and your imagination. We love bringing your smart home dreams into reality and creating the technical solutions to create a seamless user experience.

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