Have you been dreaming about building a home theatre? Wanting to automate your home but not sure where to start? Love the idea of controlling light, sound, security in your home from wherever you are with just a button? Home technology has exploded in recent years and it’s hard to know where to start to bring these dreams to reality. At Instinct we are experts on home technology – whether its internet, lighting, electrical, security, audio-visual or home automation – we have the knowledge and experience to bring your dreams to life.

If you have thought about hiring a home technology professional for a custom installation project or renovation of your home, here are the six steps we recommend for achieving a successful outcome.

1. Involve your technology professional from the beginning.
The sooner you meet with your technology experts, the better the final outcome of your project. They will ask different questions from your architect and builder, which will help inform your decision making. They will have suggestions for improving the design and functionality of your project, and be able to recommend suitable products. Getting your technology expert involved early can save you time, money and will take the stress out of decision making for you.

2. Focus on the results, functionality and atmosphere you want.
You don’t need to an expert in the latest technology! Your technology expert will look after the details and make decision for you on product choice based on the results that you want. Describe your ideas in your initial meetings, what you want to be able to do, the features you want in different rooms, how you want to control it all. Mention any aesthetic requirements and other must-haves. Your technology expert will ask you lots of questions about what you want and then go away and create a system that delivers.

3. Have a budget.
The sky can be the limit with technology, with systems ranging in price from the thousands to well over six figures. Having a rough idea of how much you want to spend allows your home technology professional to create the best possible system for your budget.

4. Organise a site visit.
Your home technology professional will need to visit your home to look at the space and access to the site, before they can prepare a quote. Wiring can be difficult with a retrofit project so be wary of her the phone quotes which don’t take into account the unique aspects on your site. Physically walking through a space also helps your technology expert to see which designs and products will be most appropriate for your space.

5. Review the quote.
Once your home technology expert has a good idea about your needs and wants, budget and the space available, they will prepare a quote. Typically this will include delivery, installation, set-up, programming and support. Within your proposal, you may be given several options to upgrade to better technology, according to your needs and budget.

6. Ask questions.
If you don’t understand something, ask questions until you have clarity. It is part of the role of your home technology expert to educate and inform you, so you can make a clear decision. It is always better to raise any concerns or questions early on, as it is much easier (and less expensive) to make changes to a system at the beginning of a project.

At Instinct we are a full service home technology service and can accompany you on your home technology journey from design through to installation and maintenance. Contact us now to begin your journey and create the home of your dreams.