Home technology has grown quickly in recent years in terms of the scale and complexity of systems, so choosing a professional home technology expert is even more important. Having an expert who can design a proper system to meet your requirements and who has the range of product knowledge to provide you with options to suit your budget, will make the process a whole lot easier for you.

Your system may include: lighting control, energy management, security, phone, home networking, audio-visual systems control, video distribution, media rooms, home-cinemas. You need a professional that can help you design the system from scratch and create a user-friendly result for each member of your family. You are also likely to have a long term working relationship with your technology expert, as systems need to be upgraded and maintained over the years. You are looking for a good match in personality and service, as well as technological expertise.

To support you in hiring the right fit for you and your project, here are our suggestions for 5 Steps To Hiring a Home Technology Professional.

1.Interview a few companies.
Interview a few reputable home technology companies who can handle the beginning to end scope of your project. They will need to be able to design, instal and maintain the systems, as well as work in partnership with the other tradespeople and contractors.

2.Check references.
Ask for references from previous clients. Did the firm meet their expectations for budget, schedule, service, communication and the final result?

3.Explore their knowledge and experience.
Your home technology professional doesn’t just install a product, they are also there to offer advice and suggestions. To do this, they will need to find out about your needs and expectations, as well as your budget. They will ask questions about your lifestyle and the end users of the system. They will need to see the site and identify any challenges or limitations. Ideally they will have the capacity to plan a system, formulate a design and provide product options to meet a defined budget. Have they worked on something similar beforehand or are they learning on the go?

4.Check their credentials.
Are they members of the relevant professional body and are they appropriately qualified n the area of work they are proposing to complete for you? Professional associations require minimum training standards and adherence to a code of professional conduct.

5.Involve them as early as possible.
Your home technology professional needs to be involved from the beginning the project. Complex systems may mean changes to the building plans, to accommodate placement and ventilation of components for example. Planning up-front with your home technology professional will ensure an efficient, steam-lined and cost-effective process for you and all the others tradespeople involved.

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