With the rise in electricity costs, it’s important to look at your household lighting when managing your electricity budget. It’s estimated that lighting may contribute to up to 20% of household electricity costs in Australia. Many home owners can reduce their electricity bills by moving to more efficient and smarter technology.

Most households could reduce the amount of energy they use for lighting by 50 per cent or more by making smarter lighting choices and moving to more efficient technologies. At Instinct we offer our clients the latest technology in lighting and home automation solutions, that deliver the lifestyle features they want as well as energy efficiency. Here are some of the smart lighting trends to be aware of if you are planning an upgrade of your existing home or looking to build a new home.

1. Connectivity

Lighting connectivity or smart lighting is an important technology trend. While dimmers and sensors have been available for many years, connected and controlled lighting systems are much more sophisticated. Lighting systems can now “speak” with other devices and simple control systems make them easy for the entire family to use. Connectivity in lighting delivers benefits for energy conservation as well as safety.

2. The Internet of Things

This concept is being talked about a lot and basically it’s the idea that any device can be connected to the Internet and to every other device. In a home lighting context, this means that your lighting system can be connected to all your other devices from your phone, to your security system, to your car. Lighting is an ideal base network for internet-of-things services to be built on – because it’s already exists your home and is wired up and ready to go.

3. Wireless Lighting

Lighting control is another home feature going wireless. In addition to radio-frequency-based systems, there are technologies such as power-line communication, which uses mains power lines to carry data to and from your fittings. And even for traditional wired control systems, it all become increasingly common for you to control your lighting system from a tablet or phone that is operates wirelessly.

At Instinct we create beautiful lighting systems that integrate effortlessly with all other aspects of your home, which you can control simply and easily. If you are building a new home or updating your existing home and you want to know more about energy efficient smart home lighting solutions, then contact our office now. At Instinct we design, install and maintain lighting systems on the cutting edge of smart technology.